Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Exotic Hardwood Floors Are Better Than Your Average Wood Material

There are several exotic woods that can make the exotic hardwood floors for your home flooring, and many homeowners actually prefer these to other types due to the many benefits they offer. Some of these woods are teak, Australian Cypress and Brazilian cherry, just to name a few.

The reason why people like them so much is not only because they look really great in the rooms, but also they have a high quality that is unmatched so far. They are very durable, quite hard and quite alluring to homeowners. Because wood is wood, you'd think that it has all the same colors - brown. However you'll be surprised to learn that exotic hard wood flooring has some great colors that you can adorn your floors with. From the pale yellow to the dark brown, everything is possible. And since no planks are the same, you will have quite a unique flooring in your rooms, even if your neighbor has the exotic variety as well laid on the underfloor.

Teak is just one of these exotic flooring types. Depending on which you use, sapwood or heartwood, you will see quite a few colors starting from the light yellow to dark golden brown. This wood has the property of acquiring a darker color over time due to exposure to constant light. What is even better, teak is a notorious insect natural repellent, as it can easily withstand these termites from attacking it due to the oils that it emits that keeps insects away from it.

Brazilian cherry is another type of exotic hardwood flooring that is well loved by homeowners. The color goes towards a pretty dark red-brown that is quite appealing in living rooms. This color also changes over time due to exposure to sunlight so you will find your flooring changing to a darker shade of cherry color after a few years. The wood is quite heavy, strong and durable and it has that interlocking grain feature that people are attracted to. This wood type has the characteristic of giving your room a warm and cozy feel and appeal to it.

Australian Cypress is yet another variety that has the look of pine to it. However it is much harder than pine so it's quite a durable material to have as your preferred flooring. You can find many colors for this wood, ranging from cream to light brown, with various knots and strong lines that will lighten, but not too much with the passing of time. This darkening also occurs when it is exposed to direct light over the course of years.

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