Friday, November 25, 2011

Hardwood Flooring Combines Style And Durability

When it comes to home decor, it is important that you take into account style and durability. Hardwood flooring is a good option for you as far as factors like maintenance and durability are concerned.

Styles, finishes and species of hardwood flooring

When opting for hardwood flooring, you have to select the one that is suitable for your place. Each of these varieties has their specialties and they lend a different look, mood and feel to your home. Some of the popular styles of hardwood are plank hardwood, parquet hardwood and strip hardwood. Finishes in hardwood are equally important since they protect the hardwood from wear and tear. Different types of hardwood finishes include penetrating finishes, surface finishes and pre-finished hardwood flooring.

Hhardwood is not obtained from a single species. Hardwood trees are broad leafed and fruit bearing trees, which are usually barren during the winter season. Some of the popular species of hardwood trees used for the purpose of flooring include American Beech, Brazilian Walnut, Jatoba, Hickory and Natural Bamboo.

Benefits of using hardwood floorings

There are several benefits of using hardwood flooring for your home. Some of the benefits are listed below:

1.Durability: Due to its natural composition, hardwood flooring is robust. Hence, it is very much durable compared to other floorings.

2.Elegant and attractive: hardwood flooring provides a classic look to your home. It enhances the elegance and beauty of your.

3.Hypoallergenic: hardwood floorings are a good choice for healthy living. If you are prone to allergies, then hardwood flooring is the best option available to you, as it does not allow animal dander, pollen and mold to thrive. You can have eco-friendly hardwood flooring available in the market, made without toxins, finishes and chemicals. These are excellent for home decor.

Get hardwood flooring installed. You will never regret your choice.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Brazilian Solid Cherry Hardwood Flooring: Charming Their Way Into Your Homes

It’s highly common for homes to make use of hardwood floors, such as the Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring. First of all, it fits perfectly to any type of home, may it be contemporary, Victorian, or country. Moreover, it’s also known to be highly affordable compared to other flooring material, such as ceramic. Most of all, a Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring is environment friendly. The materials used are renewable. A purchase of this type of hardwood is your small contribution to Mother Earth.

Special Characteristics of Brazilian Solid Cherry Hardwood Flooring

All hardwoods are known for their durability. If they are just properly taken care of, they can last for many years, even for as long as 100. However, of all solid hardwoods, the most durable is the Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring. So strong are they that their use is not only constricted inside homes, but also in bridges, docks, and ports. The secret to their ultimate strength would be the stability of their vertical and horizontal structure. There are no portions that appear to be highly vulnerable to breakage. What’s more, they produce their own natural oil, which allows them to maintain their shine, luster, and perfect condition all throughout the years. The Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring is also highly resistant to stain, a no. 1 enemy of floors since it can damage their finish and may invite moisture.

The Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring can also stand the pressure of extremely high foot traffic. That’s why this type of hardwood is also utilized in shopping centers, where there are hundreds of people who can step on the planks every day. You also don’t need to use a carpet or a rug when you’re installing it inside your home. The Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring is very much invincible against dents and scratches caused by moving your furniture and fixture all across the floor. This is because the Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring is very hard, even harder than oak and maple, which are considered to be two of the best hardwood floors ever used.

The Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring doesn’t come easy and often, though. This is because the country from where it came from is implementing strict rules and laws with regards to logging. A lumber company cannot, for any reason, remove all cherry trees in Brazil. Moreover, they must obtain permit first for every tree they want to cut from Ibama, Brazil’s agency for environmental protection. Nevertheless, you are assured that your Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring is only made from the oldest trees, those that have seen better days.

How to Use Brazilian Solid Cherry Hardwood Flooring to Your Advantage

Though the Brazilian solid cherry hardwood flooring can definitely go with any home, it would still be wise if you can take a look at the shades, shapes, and grain tones before you buy. Perhaps you can find one that is the most appealing among all of them—the one that is totally perfect to be used at your own home.