Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Is The Best Hardwood Floor?

What is the best and surefire way to make the look, resilience and value of your home the perfect one? Yes, hardwood floors are the best means to achieve this. Hardwood floors are beautiful to look, hardwearing to use and environment-friendly to give your home a longer and stable life.

Wood is our natural source that has the quality of being strong, recyclable and renewable. The hardwood floors do not want you to replace them or to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to add a value to your home. The hardwood floors present to you an incredible collection of artistic floorings. From the class of wood to its finish, to the complete design of floor plan, the hardwood floors can suit well to almost any taste and situation.

It is your job to select the best hardwood flooring to suite your needs the best. Here are all sorts of hardwood floors in the market. The hardwood floors are made to suit both the casual and formal environments of your home. Even at offices, their feel is like being at home. All the modern or traditional furniture pieces compliment the decor of hardwood floors with eclectic and modest designs.

It is not difficult to find the best hardwood floor. You can find them in several designs, such as, rock, classic, country, hip hop, or jazz. The state of the art technology available these days can be coupled with almost countless choices of finishes, stains, styles and designs. This makes the hardwood floors one of the best versatile and practical alternatives available today. Their everlasting beauty is durable. You can better call them a fine glass of wine that would be better with age.

The Hardwood Grades

Clear grade of hardwood flooring is to indicate that it is free of defects. Nevertheless, there can be some minor flaws. The clear category tends to be extremely reliable with less knots and mineral streaking. This range is the most expensive in hardwood floors.

The select grade in hardwood is near to the clear grade. It may contain the natural features such as color variations and knots. The common grades have best marking than the clear or select grades. They are chosen the most due to their natural features. The character that they provide to your room is unique. They are the least expensive usually.

What to Look for to Select the Best Hardwood Floor?

Nature is the best inspiration for designing the hardwood floors. The profusion of natural species offers a whole excess of wood grain arrangements. Each wood grain arrangement has a unique, matching and scrupulous d├ęcor. The oak plank hardwood flooring has abundant ring knots and patterns. They are the best floors that suit well to rustic and traditional decors.

The artistic look and appeal of hardwood plank floor is also prejudiced to a great extent by streaking of mineral. The knots have the variation of shade and color. The best hardwood floor for your living room can be the one with an added high gloss finish to the hardwood floor. It has the entire look to make the floor look elegant enough for the formal room. The hardwood floors containing walnut, maple and birch wood have a minimum graining.

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