Monday, December 1, 2008

Waxing Hardwood Floors

Why you should wax your floors frequently.
How to wax floors and prepare for waxing. Different kinds of floor wax.

Many homeowners today prefer hardwood or other type of solid surface flooring to wall to wall carpeting. The initial appeal is the beauty of wood floor but the easy upkeep of wood floors is also a big factor. Lightly sweeping and dusting. along with an occasional waxing is about all wood floors require.

In comparison to heavy vacuuming and the necessity of steam cleaning at least once a year. caring for wood floors seems to be a breeze. If you apply a protective coating of wax to a wood floor. the wood will be preserved and stay cleaner and in good repair longer. Floor wax gives wood floors a beautiful glow and it also protects and maintains other types of floors such as linoleum. This gives the flooring a beautiful appearance that makes the home more attractive. Applying wax consistently will also protect the flooring from water and moisture damage. It can minimize the appearance of scratches. grooves and ridges in the flooring and prevent further such damage. The appeal of a clean. shiny. freshly waxed floor cannot be denied. Wax works to protect hardwood and other floors by reducing the abrasion they are exposed to. Grit and grime slide over the surface of a waxed floor instead of being ground in.

Floor wax can be purchased in three varieties: water based. solvent based and polymer. Some people are concerned about health problems in dealing with floor wax because it contains chemicals; some floor waxes even contain formaldehyde. The companies that make floor wax are aware of these concerns and have now started to make products that do not contain harsh chemicals and are environmentally safe to use. These types of waxes are becoming more commonly available. No-wax floors have become popular. not only because of the concerns about chemicals and the environment. but also because many families with two working partners do not have the time for too many household chores. But even no wax floors need to be cleaned frequently and. if damage occurs to the surface. they may have to be waxed anyway to add the protection that has been removed.

Waxing a floor is good for protecting the surface and also looks beautiful. but since wax builds up over time. it does need to be removed once in a while by stripping the floor. Wax removers also contain chemicals so they need to be used with caution. and anyone who is using them should understand what chemicals they are dealing with and protect themselves accordingly. Masks against fumes and gloves to handle the liquids may be necessary if you are going to take on this chore.