Thursday, March 5, 2009

Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor For Your Household

Many people shy away from buying hardwood floor because they are unsure of what type of hardwood floor is best, or they have heard one rumor after the next about how difficult it is to take care of a hardwood floor. The truth is that hardwood floors are not as big a mystery as some people think.

Yes, there are many different types of hardwood floors to choose from, but as with most products, you should be used to this. Just like picking carpet, deciding on a hardwood floor is not much different. You just need to decide on one that best suits the needs of your household.

In contrast to what you may have heard about hardwood floors being difficult to take care of, the reality is that hardwood floors are long lasting, very durable and hold their natural beauty impeccably. What’s more, hardwood floors are not as expensive as you might think. They are actually very affordable, require very little upkeep, and actually provide a healthier environment within your home because they do not provide a breading ground for dust and bacteria spores the way carpet does. This helps stave off allergy and asthma attacks, as well as prevents the grime and dirt that accumulates on streets and sidewalks from creeping into your house. The use of a hardwood cleaner is more adept at keeping these unwanted poisons out of your house; poisons a vacuum cleaner is incapable of picking up.

The maintenance a hardwood floor requires is minimal, requiring a small amount of regular sweeping and vacuuming. While it is durable, as mentioned, just like carpet, high traffic areas on a hardwood floor tend to wear down quicker and become scratched, but just like carpet, this is easily preventable with the addition of an area rug.

Another interesting little factoid about hardwood floors is that they are ecologically sound. Most people believe this to be the opposite. Many believe that our forests are devastated and depleted of their resources because of the whims of homeowners looking to raise the value or splendor of their homes, but hardwood floors are actually created from forests which are managed in a way that allows the trees being cut down to be re-grown. Like vegetables and fruit, trees are cultivated in much the same way today.

The variety of choice when it comes to hardwood floors can make the decision process a tough one. You will have to decide what type of wood, color and grain you want. Thanks to technology, you can mix and match these three choices to create you own unique hardwood floor. Even though red oak and maple happen to be popular choices, you still have the option of being unique.

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