Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hardwood Flooring Advice With Free Samples Delivered to UK

Nothing comes close to the warm, stunning finish that can be achieved with a hardwood floor. Each section of hardwood floor has a different grain which combines to form a unique look whenever it is used. A lifetime investment, hardwood floors are incredibly durable, stain resistant and do not trap dust so are especially good for allergy sufferers. By installing hardwood floors you can increase the value of your home and give it the edge over similar property on the market. There is a huge variety of hardwood floors available with many types of wood species, colours and widths available from hardwood flooring UK suppliers.

Hardwood flooring can be purchased in pre-finished or unfinished styles. For cheap hardwood flooring consider using unfinished hardwood flooring. Using a flooring supplier like UKCarpetsDirect is ideal as the offer free hardwood flooring samples delivered to the UK to help customers make the right choice. By lacquering and protecting the floor yourself you will save money. When laying unfinished hardwood flooring the product can be recoated several times to increase its life making it last considerably longer than carpets and laminate flooring. As the floor ages you can re-finish the floor and bring it back to life.

The biggest selling hardwood floor in Europe and the USA is Oak flooring with a vast majority being produced on the East coast of America. Oak is available in various species including White, Red and European oak, each with their own grain and colour characteristics. Cherry hardwood flooring is also popular due to its outstanding grain markings and solid composition. Over time cherry wood flooring darkens from a pale pink colour to warm dark red tone and like all hardwood floors it is highly resistant to damage. Exotic hardwood floors give a room a unique look are now readily available at major hardwood flooring UK suppliers alongside more traditional timbers.

Hardwood floor installation should begin with a flat, dry and solid sub floor. Deviations in level can be rectified with suitable floor filler. When using a wooden floor sub base the hardwood floor installation should be made at right angles to aid strength and stability. Carpet is not suitable and must be removed. Harwood flooring should be allowed time to acclimatise before it is set down by leaving the floorboards in the room for several days. A plastic membrane to stop moisture is recommended for hardwood floor installations in damp areas. A hardwood floor store will recommend to leave an expansion area around the perimeter of the room to allow for contractions and expansions of the hardwood floor. Expansion gaps can be covered with skirting boards or a cover strip.

Hardwood floors are extremely tough and with simple care and attention they can be kept in prime condition. Standing water can warp a floor so any spillages should be soaked up immediately. Any cleaning agents used should be pH neutral and specifically designed for hardwood floors as other cleaning agents can strip the finish from the floor. Where possible use the manufacturers recommended product which will compliment the flooring to the highest standards. Damp mopping is not recommended on hardwood floors which have a poor surface finish. Use doormats to keep gravel and dirt at bay which act as sandpaper and cause marks and scratches on your floor. Weekly sweeping and vacuuming will take care of any dirt that does settle on the floor and will reduce general wear. Dust mops are ideal for trapping dust. Only vacuum with a brush adapter and never use the beater bar which can cause dents in the floor. Better still use a vacuum specifically designed for hardwood floors. Avoid wearing stiletto heels on hardwood floors and if possible only wear indoor shoes or slippers on its surface. When moving furniture it should always be lifted and protective pads can be applied to furniture legs to prevent dents occurring.

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