Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring - Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring has become the latest trend in the hard surface flooring industry. If you're considering buying a Brazilian Cherry Floor, you're making a wise choice. However, before you hop on the web to purchase your new floors you might want to know a little more about this great flooring and the various options you will have.

• Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring can create a warm and casual look or a very formal style for your room. It will depend on the rest of the d├ęcor you have. Brazilian Cherry is a very versatile style and can transform a room with the right touch.
• Brazilian Cherry wood is one of the hardest, most dense woods on the Janka Scale ( an industry standard for wood hardness) and scores over 2800 out of 4000 for hardness. It will be very resistant against dents compared to most other wood species.
• Stained versus Unstained is a choice you will have to make. You can purchase Brazilian Cherry in both a natural, unstained version as well as a stained finish. Both will have a protected top coating but the stained may give you a more formal look if that's what you are after.
• This unique floor comes in various widths. Typically you will see options between 3" and 7" wide planks. Any of these are great selections. It will depend on the look you are trying to set for the area.
• Cherry Hardwood floors also come in both the solid and engineered forms. The solid option may give you a few more refinishes over the life of the wood (but probably not enough to really matter that much). The engineered option will give you an extra bonus against excess moisture or humidity versus solid.
• This flooring is available in all installation options. Depending on the type you choose, it may be nail down, glue down, or floating floor style (which is great for installation over concrete subfloors or slabs).

When shopping, be sure to keep in mind that this species of wood can sometimes darken over its life span. Brazilian Cherry can be bought locally or over the web. Furthermore, most flooring distributors will gladly send a no charge sample for you to view. One last tip is to buy an extra box or two if your budget will allow. In case you were ever able to need to repair a spot in the floor, these extra pieces will come in handy down the road.