Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Installing a Hardwood Floor in Your Room

There is no doubt that installing a hardwood floor in your room brings such allure to the room. As hard wood flooring brings high- level of attractiveness anywhere it is installed and due to its durability this flooring material has become very popular.

Installation of hard flooring is very difficult this makes is it requires the services of a professional flooring contractor. Not to be forgotten that the flooring itself is very expensive. Hence if another type of flooring would give the same elegance and durability as that of the hard wood but which would be easier to install would be a welcome option. Hence the refinished wood flooring is that option.

As compared to laminate flooring which uses a large amount of synthetic material the refinished flooring has real wood which is an advantage.

Wonder how this can be done? A strip of hardwood is fixed to thicker strip of synthetic material which gives a genuine hardwood appearance and using the hardwood on the surface but which is easy to install at less price.

In addition this flooring type can be of benefit since the actual surface of the floor is real hardwood which can be refinished just like the traditional wooden floor. The appearance of the wood can be changed by covering it with different vanishes giving a different appearance.

Advantage of refinished flooring over laminate flooring is that while laminate become scratched and needs to be changed the refinished can be sand down and re-varnished to give it a brand new appearance.

This floor can be used within a few hours of it installation which also takes less time.this is because unlike laminate flooring it fit together without requiring glue making it extremely easy to install.

You need to have a genuine hardwood look but the price is too high? Refinished floor is the right answer for a luxurious lifestyle.

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