Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nuances of Using Hardwood for Flooring

Hardwood are one of the most preferred flooring options for home owners today. Given the various options available in wooden flooring these days you can now easily use wooden flooring across all places in the house. However, as a home owner you should be aware of certain facts if you are considering hardwood flooring for your house.

If you are implementing a hard wood floor do not forget to use a sub floor. A sub floor is of great importance as it has multiple purposes. A sub floor helps to secure the wooden floor over preexisting floor or concrete. It also works as insulation against moisture which is often very important depending on the climate in your area.

You need to be particularly careful about using wooden flooring for areas that have a lot of moisture. In such areas do not use solid hardwood floor and rather go for engineered flooring. Excessive moisture tends to damage solid hardwood floors and it is better not to use them on areas that would have a lot of moisture.

The other concern with wooden flooring is when it comes to kitchen or bathroom, places that are prone to a lot of spills. Even engineered floors might not be able to stand such spills for a long term. In such case the best option would be to use laminated wood flooring. While some might not consider this as a hardwood floor in the strict sense of the word you will still be getting the same look and feel of your hardwood floor and also have durability against all the spills.

It is important to use an experienced technician for installing as it might not be very easy for you and me to do the whole thing. Also there are certain technical nuances that are known only be the men of the trade. However, if you still want to give it a go by yourself there are few specific points that you need to be absolutely careful about.

Installing a doesn't finish with just laying down the floor. There is a lot of detailed work involved and one of the most crucial one is to sand down the floor to lose the rough spots and smoothen the floor. A lot of nails are used in the floor and these are then covered with wooden fillers. These fillers tend to leave some rough spots too and those need extra attention during the sanding process. Also staining and finishing the floor is another critical aspect of a wooden floor installation. While this is not that difficult you need to ensure that children and pets are not around during this time - the floor is typically unusable during this period and having children and pets over can often lead to messing up the work.

If you are working with technician for installing the hardwood floor make sure that you see various samples before choosing the right one for yourself. Make sure to have detailed information on hardwood floor installation experience of your contractor. This is a specialist job and if you want to get a good work done make sure you chose the right contractor.


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