Friday, September 30, 2011

Steps For Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor is subjected to impacts, reactions from edibles, moistures on daily basis. So hardwood floors needs refinishing with certain intervals. Refinishing make you go to the days of the first home entry. It returns the memories. It refinishes the floor with previous shine. It maintains your floor for long durability to the woods. An unfinished floor hampers your prestige in society. Refinishing is required with certain interval to have a change in the home d├ęcor. It avoids the boredom after seeing same floor again & again.

Hardwood floor refinishing is a tedious task. It is time consuming. It is costly affair. You need to vacate the room you choose for refinishing. All the furniture need to be removed from its place to the nearby room & to outside incase all the room are refinished at a time.

Before hardwood floor refinishing you need to take certain decisions.

1. Do you have Time for it?
2. Do you have space to relocate the furniture?
3. Do you have money to spend?
4. Do you have manpower to supervise?
5. Is your family prepared for this?
6. Last but not the least is you really going for it?
Whether you say no or yes keep in mind that today or tomorrow you have to take the decision.

Hardwood floor refinishing involves few steps, they are as follows.

Sanding the floor
• Remove all furniture from the room to a side by room.
• Check the floor carefully for any nails. If present then hammer it below the level.
Run sander rented or purchased from market with rough sand paper fixed on it. Lower the machine if the machine is in running state. Run the sander only in push or pull mode along the grain orientation.
• Vacuuming the surface is done using machine.
• Again run sander rented or purchased from market with medium sand paper fixed on it.
• Re vacuuming the surface is done using machine.
• Again run sander rented or purchased from market with smooth sand paper fixed on it.
• Re vacuuming the surface is done using machine. Clean the surface properly.
• Edging machine shall be used for edges of floor.
Staining the floor
• Decide if you want to stain the floor for different from its natural or if you would prefer to leave the floor natural in tone.
• Clean the floor using one broom stick.
• You can also use vacuum cleaner for better result.
• Open the windows to ventilate the area.


Anne said...
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Anne said...

Refinishing a hardwood floor is not easy but can be done as a DIY project. This process as described above requires special tools and experience, so sometimes it’s better to leave it to a wood flooring professional. I would like to add one more thing: Both solid wood floors and engineered flooring can be refinished; you can refinish engineered wood floors fewer times than solid floors, though.

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