Monday, February 9, 2009

Older Hardwood Floors Add Character To A Home

The installation of your new hardwood floor is probably the most rewarding remodeling you can do. With any type of flooring the first step is to create your reference line, if this line is off the entire floor will be off. Wood floors will contract and expand so when laying it down it is a good idea not to glue the floor down. There will be occasions when your hardwood floor will need fixing. Before securing hardwood floors, read the installation instructions provided by manufacturer for the right tools and methods. When installing hardwood try to steer clear of glue down floors, one of the main reasons is that wood contracts and expands.

Older floors have been worn down by foot traffic and they have not been kept up with the correct floor products, so more work might be needed to get them in shape. When cleaning hardwood floors only use the proper products that are used for wood finishes, using household cleaners can strip the finish. Wood is actually very good for allergy suffers, it does not harbor particles and it dust does not get into the nook and crannies.

You can use Hardwood floor throughout the house to get magnificent looks. There are so many designs and textures and these will add to your house. Many people think if they get hardwood floors that they will not dent, wood dents, when you drop something heavy or put something heavy on the floor it will dent wood. Wood is a living thing, so when it is processed and made into something else there is still a cell structure and the wood will dent.

Floor finish come in many different types, it can be gloss, flat, or satin and may be easily accented with decorative chips. Oak woods contain a lot of growth ring patterns and knots, and are best suited to traditional and rustic decors. When finishing a floor many people opt for the high gloss finish because it adds a touch of elegance. Never use water on a wood floor, this could damage it, the water penetrates the wood and makes it warp and rot. If you are looking to get an antique looking floor that try an old timber finish look. However, while it is costly to refinish a hardwood floor, it is well worth the investment. A great test to see if your floors are protected is to use the water test, drop a couple of drops of water on the floor and if it beads up the finish is good and you have a seal.

If you have a damaged floor you can temporarily fix it with wax. Wax will not stay for ever so you will need to fix the floor before it worsens. People use to keep their floors in good shape by waxing them. Today many people still use wax on their floors, it is very easy to apply, it dries fast and if you do it twice a year it keeps the floors looking great.

When a more in-depth cleaning is required, use a cleaning method appropriate to the finish on your floor. Before starting take a look at your floor and see if it needs that type of cleaning. To take care of your hardwood floors all you need to do is clean them everyday and this will keep them looking like new.

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