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Regular Hardwood Refurnishing

Are you annoyed by stains on your floor you just can’t scrub off? It might be time to refurnish you hardwood floor.

Hardwood flooring remains a popular choice among homeowners because of its remarkable beauty and natural warmth. Solid wood floors are more practical. Clean, shiny floors liven up the atmosphere of any room, giving it a feel of freshness. Stains are annoying. Always keep your flooring clean and luster.

In addition to regular dusting, sweeping and polishing, hardwood floors require at least an annual refurnishing to maintain its elegant look and feel. Summers are usually ideal times to refurnish, when floor finishing can quickly dry. Open windows to allow air to circulate freely in a room with newly-refurnished floors as some of these floor finishing substances have strong smells.

For various reasons, you may find it necessary to refurnish your hardwood floors more often than once a year. Accidental spills cause unsightly stains on your floors that are difficult to remove by simply mopping. You may have to sand the area to remove the stains, scratches and marks becoming all too visible. You can’t remove these marks by simply polishing your floors.

Refurnishing floors need not be too expensive. You can hire professional help or do it yourself. Find a good time to get the project done in one session if you intend to do-it-yourself. Rent a sander from a local store and buy some hardwood finishing.

Oil-based urethanes are better because it’s water resistant. You have plenty of options for oil-based urethanes or other floor finishing, most coming in affordable prices.

If you don’t have time to refurnish floors yourself, hire professional flooring experts to do the job. Some hardwood providers and floor installers also provide refurnishing services. You can either rehire the firm that installed your floors or contract the services of independent hardwood refurnishing outfits. Compare price quotations from several refurnishing outfits first. Pick the option that best fits your needs, your time requirements, and your budget.

Always keep floors clean and well-maintained. They add beauty to homes and reflect good housekeeping.

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