Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maintaining the Beauty of Hardwood Floors

"Let us all admit it. Floors mainly give and add beauty to one’s abode. And mostly today, home owners wanted to give their flooring the best shot, for it complement to the aesthetic appeal that the home could bring. Saying this, people who owned hardwood floors in California were doing everything just to maintain the elegance of hardwood floors!

Just like the hardwood flooring in Los Angeles CA, homeowners mostly say that the hardwood floor in CA gives a perfect and striking beauty to every house. With its classy and natural style, hardwood floors have been always a choice for most homeowners. These hardwood floors are also durable if they are guided with proper care and maintenance. Quality hardwood can even last for a decade if well maintained.

Hardwood floors should be cared properly because improper care can cause a floor to be warped, scratched, and it can also cause the floor to be dull looking. We can say that those hardwood floors are durable enough, but no matter how tough or strong the finish looks there are still factors that can damage your flooring. Just like dirt, moist, and etc, they can be like sandpapers that spoil the beauty of your flooring.

And here are the tips to maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors.


Keep them clean and dry. This is very important because like hardwood floors in Los Angeles CA, they can be prone to water and dirt damage, and you just cannot use any kind of cleaner on your hardwoods.

And some commit a big mistake on this task. Some hardwood floor owners thought that wiping their floors with wet mops in good. But this is the exact contrary. It is advisable to vacuum your floors frequently.

Another cleaning belief in hardwood floors pertains to oil soaps. Others thought that again, this helps in cleaning hardwood. But then again, this is not true. Oil soaps are not recommended for hardwoods because they can cause build up that causes you problems when the floor needs to be refinished and will just leave your floors looking dull. When you already notice a build up of dirt it is advisable for you to buy a product made specifically for hardwoods and you should only use it only as recommended by the floor’s manufacturer to avoid miscalculations.

Damages: Scuffs and Scrapes…

House pets may damage your hardwood floors with their nails. Oftentimes, animals have this habit of digging into the surface upon which they are walking. We cannot ask them not to do that, (I hope so!) so to avoid this, we should keep our pets’ nails trimmed.

We should also protect our floors to protect them from everyday wear and tear. Even though we say that these hardwood floors are finished, it is still prone to damage. That is why we must do our part to keep its elegance. Use rugs to those areas of extremely high traffic to minimize damage and scuffing.

We can make use of these advices and we can make sure that hardwood flooring repairs will also be minimized."

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