Monday, June 22, 2009

Refinish Hardwood Floors - Critically Important Steps to Help You

Hardwood floors that are installed in your home may need finishes or coatings. You need to ensure that you apply finish to this type of flooring so that the luster and splendor can be restored. However, there are ways or steps that you can apply in order to perfectly put the right finish to your floors. This article will guide you on these steps.

Before you start the process of finishing your hardwood, you will need to put in place the necessary tools needed for the job. You can get them from the local hardware stores around you or even order them online. The tools are floor finish (water-based or oil based), rough and fine sand paper, cleaning towels, dust masks, floor sanders, finishing brushes, protective goggles and vacuum that has an attachment for host.

Now, the steps to finishing your hardwood floor begin with you preventing the spread of dust to interfere with your finishing work. You can close all the air vents around your work place. You can start sanding your floors from one corner of the room. This will enable you to manage your working space. Sanding the hardwood floors in from the middle of the room may eventually give you more stress. Still on sanding, ensure that you sand the floors in the wood grain direction.

Whenever the sand paper you are applying gets dull, ensure that you replace it with a new one. Continue the sanding of the floor until your wood floor is looking smooth, nice and natural. After sanding, you can now apply the wood finish to the floor.

Start the finishing with even strokes from the finishing brush. You must begin the finishing from one part of the room so that you will have an exit point. In the process of applying the finish, evenly work out lumps in the floor finish with the brush so that it doesn't get dry with them.

After applying the finish with the brush, you can leave the room for several hours to get dry. These are the steps that will help you to finish your hardwood floors very perfectly. You may not need to hire the services of a professional for these steps.


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