Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Hickory Hardwood Floors

When it comes time to purchase and install the best hickory hard floors for your home or office needs, it is time to get some advice on what choices are best for you. The deciding factor is what you will want in the look, feel, and lifespan of your hardwood flooring. Knowing what you are looking for before hand, will save you countless wasted hours, and make for a cherished hardwood floor that will last a lifetime.

1. Finished or unfinished. When you are choosing your initial hardwood flooring, it is best to know if you want finished or unfinished planks. Finished planks are already smoothed, and often time finished planks are already stained. This does save you some time, and it can often save the installer a little money. However, many people choose the unfinished planks for their hickory hardwood floors because they get to choose the stain and finish after the installation.

2. The truth is in the size. When you are choosing hickory hardwood floors, you should consider the width of the planks. Common widths are between 4 inches and 6 inches, and increments in between. The wider planks may give the installer a shorter project time, but many people choose the less wide plank because it gives more stability and a better look to the end product.

3. Dark or light wood. This is forever the conundrum of hickory hardwood floors. Is a dark finish or a light finish preferred? Well, this is actually one of the true personal choices given the installer. The only true benefit of choosing a dark over a light is that dark wood tens to show signs of wear and tear better. However, many people prefer the beauty of the lighter, more natural finish to their hickory hardwood floors.

4. Engineered or natural. There are benefits to both types of flooring. Usually, most people choose engineered because it will not be as susceptible to moisture. This is great for moisture rich and humid areas. Since natural hardwood floors tend to breathe more, engineered flooring does not buckle or warp as easily. However, many people see natural flooring as the best and only option. Natural flooring can be installed carefully to make room for the natural breathing.

5. Finding the right manufacturer. There are quite a few manufacturers that will offer hickory hardwood floors. Finding the right one is a journey best completed before you even step into a store. Doing some quick searches within these informational pages will provide a lot of useful suggestions in finding the right manufacturer for your hardwood flooring needs. Of course, there are many opinions, but finding the truth in those opinions can be difficult. Go by your best judgment and no one else's. This will make you happy with your purchase, and give your hickory hardwood floor the longest lifespan possible.

Choosing hickory hardwood floors for your home or office is a beautiful decision made with knowledge and compassion. You get all the benefits of our experience to make your purchase as smooth as possible. Following these useful tips may not answer all of your questions, but it sure will give you a positive start on your hardwood flooring need

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