Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maple Hardwood Flooring - 3 Things You Must Know Before Shopping

Maple hardwood flooring has been a well kept secret in the floorcovering industry. It presents a beauty that is hard to beat if you are looking for a lighter, natural, and bright colored hardwood. Maple may not be one of the hardest wood species used for floors, with a Janka rating around 1450, but if it can hold up on a basketball court, it should do well in your home shouldn't it? There are several things to consider when shopping for Maple hardwood floors.

1. Will you have the Maple wood flooring installed over a concrete or wood sub floor? By knowing this, you can decide whether you need a solid construction or if you can use an engineered designed product. A solid construction Maple floor can only be installed on a wood subfloor. An engineered design can be installed over wood or concrete.

2. Do you want a superior factory finish or are you willing to sacrifice a better finish for the perfect color? A factory finish will provide many more years of wear and luster versus a custom in home finish and stain. Of course if you're looking at Maple, you're probably in love with the light, natural color, so the factory prefinished look should be a perfect fit for your room or home design.

3. Do you want to shop locally or online? A local, independent hardwood flooring dealer can offer a pleasant shopping experience with Maple wood floor samples you can see in their showroom. An online wholesaler or retailer will probably have better prices than the local retailer. Most online dealers offer free samples as well and usually sales tax is avoided by shipping out of state which offsets shipping charges. It's a decision you will have to make and one you will need to be comfortable with.