Friday, March 11, 2011

Hardwood Flooring Is Just One Of The Flooring Options Available to You

Some people may not realize that when carpets are properly cleaned and maintained they can improve the air quality in your home. You can prevent particles and allergens from re-entering the air by trapping them in your carpet. Look for high quality when shopping for rugs and carpets. If the carpet has been approved and tested by carpet and rug institutes (CRI) then it is probably of good quality. You can tell that a rug or carpet has been tested and approved by the CRI if it has a label. Your carpet or rug will meet strict indoor air quality measures if it carries a CRI or CRI Plus label.

A number of decorating designs and options can be used with ceramic tiles, which is a great benefit to this type of flooring. Ceramic tiles can add a natural beauty and unique look to any room in your home. Your decorating plans will easily accommodate ceramic tiles. Styles, shapes, textures and colours are endless when it comes to ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles allow for creative decorating options like a kitchen back splash..

Laminate flooring is made of four layers. The wear layer, or the first layer of laminate flooring protects the floor using aluminum oxide. The second layer of laminate flooring is also called the design layer. The purpose of the design layer is to make the laminate floor look and feel like hardwood. The core layer is designed to protect your laminate flooring against indentations as well as to resist moisture. The last layer, or back layer, of the laminate floor is a stable layer designed to protect the plank and balance the floor.

Engineered hardwood is composed of a variety of layers of wood or different grades of the same type of wood. It is the layers and grades that are stacked together and then glued to make engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood produces more structurally sound planks, which is its main advantage. Engineered hardwood is very durable and is not likely to gap, buckle, twist or cup. Engineered hardwood flooring isn't affected as easily by temperature and humidity as solid hardwood is. With solid hardwood flooring you have to be careful about where you install it but with engineered hardwood flooring it can be installed above, below or on ground level.

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