Saturday, March 19, 2011

Things to Do When Your Hardwood Floors Get Damaged

Though hardwood floors are generally tough they are not invincible and if not taken of care properly or if abused too much they will bear damage like any other tough and durable material. The most common damage that you may encounter is scratches and dents brought by dragging your furniture and dropping heavy objects causing the dent.

There is no need to panic if you see these kinds of damages in your precious wood flooring; they are not called the most durable for no reason. The solution to the problem depends on the depth of the damage.

If the damages are just superficial, meaning to say they did not penetrate the inner layer of the wood then the solution is just sanding it down. Hardwood floors can be sanded down several of times to even out the exposing side of the wood and to expose a newer and a fresher layer of the material and you can just refinish it again with the coat same that of the original. Just be sure that you don't sand it too much or the difference in the thickness of the plank will be felt by your foot. If it really requires you to sand it down really hard it would we great to do this to adjacent planks as well just to even out the spacing and the thickness within that section.

If your problem is dents then you might want to consider steam iron if it is not too deep, steam iron is a technique wherein you purposely let the wood swell by the steam applied causing the dent to even out with the rest of the planks. If the dent is too deep, steam won do the job for you, if you apply to much steam thinking that will eventually out well it won't and you just might end up with more problems. The best thing to is to patch the dent with commercially available products that is the same color that of your wood planks and won't be noticeable unless you go down onto your knees to inspect.

For cracks and gaps you can also apply the same type of commercial patches to eat out the spaces between the planks. Ultimately what you want to do is prevent these damages from occurring to save you from all the stress that you may encounter. Make sure you follow the guidelines and the maintenance of the manufacturer and available resources in the web to maintain the glory of your planks and enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

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