Monday, May 25, 2009

Armstrong Hardwood Floors

Armstrong hardwood floors are a durable and practical option for your home or place of work. These floorings add beauty and style to your rooms, and make them warm and welcoming.

Stylish Flooring Choice for Your Home

Hardwood floors are sleek, exotic, are designed to suit all types of interior décor, and are available in a variety of designs and patterns. The major patterns include products with micro-beveled and square edges, domestic and foreign wood species, extra smooth filled-face texture and more.

Armstrong hardwood flooring includes both engineered wood and solid hardwood products. The domestic wood species used include maple, oak and cherry. Excellent quality and durability of this flooring product has made it the preferred option of homeowners and builders.

Major Advantages of Using Hardwood Floors

Armstrong hardwood floorings come in natural, warm and genuine colors and require only minimum maintenance. This flooring product ensures a natural and allergy free atmosphere and at the same time adds value to your home. Its cross-ply structure controls the natural tendency of the floors to enlarge and contract. Therefore these floorings can be mounted on a wide range of sub floors as well as existing floors including concrete slabs and wood floors. The installation procedure is not too complex and the entire mounting process can be completed quickly.

When you are planning to furnish the floors of your home or office with Armstrong hardwood floors, contact authorized dealers, who offer quality products and cost-effective services based on your requirements. Most dealers offer professional installation and maintenance services.

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