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The What, Why, Where and How Much of Hardwood Flooring

No matter where you live, the floor is one of the biggest selling points of your house. It is one of the first things people notice when they walk in the room and can positively or negatively impact the whole atmosphere of a room. Together with the walls, the d├ęcor and the lighting, the floors create a certain ambiance and can project an atmosphere of your choice. One of the best options when it comes to flooring is hardwood floors. This is because hardwood floors can emit a feeling of warmth, elegance and grace that, combined with the right interior design, can really brighten up your entire apartment. So what makes this type of flooring such a popular choice? To truly understand the reasons why hardwood flooring are sought out you need to understand the what, the where and the how much of hardwood flooring.

The What: What is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is made out of hardwood timbers such as oak, ash, maple, beech and cheery. These wood materials are high in density and durability. They can come both solid and engineered and are available in a range of tints and styles to suit your decorating needs.

The Why: Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Sure, it looks good, but what are the other reasons to opt for a hardwood floor? Below we've listed some of the best characteristics of hardwood floors, as determined by owners.

- They are stylish and versatile- they can look good in any room and with any interior design layout

- They are easy to clean and keep looking shiny and new, especially compared to carpet

- They come in a wide variety of finishes, stains, woods and patterns to suit your lifestyle and your preference

- They are natural and environmentally friendly as well as hypo allergenic

- They keep the house warm in winter and cool in the summer

- And, finally, when properly taken care of, they last a lifetime and look as good as new from day one.

The Where: Where is the best place for Hardwood Flooring?

Although it is suitable for any room, most people choose to use hardwood flooring in the living and entertainment areas as well as the bedrooms or dining rooms. To truly spruce up your interior design, opt for a decorative rug placed on top of the floor.

The How: How much are we looking at?

Surprisingly, not that much, especially in the grand scheme of things. Hardwood floors typically run at $8 per square foot up to $14 per square foot depending on the quality, thickness and exoticness of the wood.

And finally, is Hardwood Flooring a DIY Job?

For expert handymen, hardwood floors can be done DIY. However, it's probably a safer bet to hire a flooring contractor as craftsmanship is vital to the longevity and overall look of your floor plan. They can also recommend various color options and patterns.

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