Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Shades and Colors of Hardwood Floor

You have a wide range of stain shades and colors for hardwood floors. You can depend on color charts for different colors but the colors on the surface still looks different from the colors printed on paper. In addition, a particular stain has different effect on different types of hardwood floors so it is best to consider hardwood species.

Moreover, stain also looks a bit different on newly installed wooden floor from on refinished flooring though the right sanding is helpful to have a better stain effect. It is recommended to try different kinds of stain colors on a certain sample of wood in order to get an idea of the result.

Hardwood floor has different kinds of shades and colors and some of the most popular stain choices are the following:

1.The natural stain of hardwood floor looks like bare wood.

2.Light shade is a popular hardwood floor shade since it adds a fine tone to the wood as well as it darkens the grain.

3.Another popular choice is the medium shade, which is darker than the light shade.

4.The dark shade is often very dark in color and has a rich feel.

5.Hardwood floor custom color is any color aside from brown, sand of tan.

Most people choose deep green or bright red that can give striking results. Usually, it is best to select a vibrant color when it comes to smaller rooms or areas.

When you find the shade that you want, make sure to try it in not noticeable places such as inside your closet. Make sure to let the stain dry before making a decision. Remember that the color of the paint tends to become lighter when it dries.

One of the most practical materials used for flooring is hardwood. Its protective finish can wear off especially in areas that are often used so it is necessary to refinish the hardwood floor. Dulled areas of hard wood that are hidden for a long time must be refinished in order to freshen up the hardwood floor.

Hardwood finishing job may be quite difficult and messy because you first need to remove the previous finish of the floor. If you do not have any experience in this field, it is best to hire a hardwood flooring professional who has the knowledge in refinishing floors. These hardwood floor professionals have the appropriate tools to do the job such as power sanders to eliminate the existing finish of the floor and to accept the new stain.

Make sure to do a refinish test to know if the hardwood flooring is dirty or shot. Here are the ways to do a flooring refinish test:

Focus on the high-traffic areas where the finish is more abused. Pour one tablespoon of water to the floor and if the water forms beads it means that, the floor is sealed properly. Usually, you need to cleaning and stain removal. On the other hand, if the water takes several minutes to be absorbed and leaves a slight dark mark on the floor it means that the finish is partly worn. You must not wait long to refinish your floor. In addition, if the water soaks right in and then leaves dark spot it means that you need to refinish the floor immediately.